March 25th Update:

With the Wisconsin "Safer at home" order now in effect, we want everyone to know that we are considered to be in the essential businesses category and are still open as usual during the week. Currently, the only change to our hours is that we will be closed on Saturdays until the order is lifted. We are continuing to service appliances we've sold, along with selling and delivering new appliances. With the exception of freezers, availability for most units is still decent.

Having said that, we do encourage everyone to stay home if possible. If you have a bill here, we can take credit card payments over the phone. If you need a new appliance, we can talk you through navigating the manufacturers web sites to look at options.

For service, we are still trying to get to every call but refrigeration and other major problems are taking priority. If, for example, your dryer is a little noisy but working fine otherwise, or a single element or burner isn't working on your range but everything else is fine, we'd appreciate if you could wait on that.

Thanks for understanding, thanks for your business, and God bless you.